Agnostics of Bicol

Apathetic Agnostic Church of Bicol

A home for all Agnostics, Unitarians, Freethinkers, 
Humanists,  Pantheists and other free spirits in 
southeastern Luzon,  the Philippines.   
To join, to read our messages and discussion, and for 
our most recent postings, see the Bicol Agnostics Yahoo 
Group at 
Apathetic Agnostics try to live up to our credo, 
"We don't know and we don't care". 
This refers to belief in the  existence of a personal 
deity (a person or persons in the psychological sense, 
a god or gods created in the image  of humans). While 
many of us would go beyond this to denying the 
possibility of a god who is the omnipotent creator 
of the universe who also allows the suffering in this 
world, or an infinite divinity who is petty and jealous 
and will only save those who subscribe to one of many 
belief systems, condemning all others to eternal 
punishment, we are not quite ready to deny the 
possibility of any spiritual or psychic being greater 
than ourselves. 
Apathetic Agnosticism comes from the Greek, 'a pathos' 
(without concern or feeling) and 'a gnosis' (without 
knowledge). Of course there are millions of apathetic 
agnostics in the world, but the very  nature of our 
beliefs causes most of us not to feel impelled to take 
a stand on the issue or join a group. Some of us who 
find ourselves bombarded with Theistic entreaties or 
evangelism feel a need to have a position to fall back 
on and a support  group of kindred spirits. Such is 
our Church, a place for renewal and support for 
Agnostics, Pantheists, Unitarians,  Universalists, 
Humanists, Ethical Culturalists, Nontheists,  Atheists, 
and other Freethinkers.   Bicol is the southeastern 
region of Luzon, the main island of  the Philippines. 
Our headquarters is located in Legazpi City, the 
capital of Albay Province and the whole Bicol Region.  
Please contact me if you want to join our group or if you want  more information.   
Mike Nassau, M.A.S., Minister March 20, 2003  
Personal webpage of Mike Nassau:    
The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic  
This is the website for the international organization of  Apathetic Agnostics, 
our mother church. The site was prepared  by and is maintained by our Patriarch, 
John Tyrrell, in  Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Do visit it to enjoy his lively  
wit as well as information on Agnosticism. Free ordination and  a "Bachelor of 
Adequacy" is offered along with other degrees  such as the M.A.S. (Master of 
Agnostic Studies).   
World Pantheist Movement. ( Scientific Pantheism is the 
belief that God is the totality of  existence, the Universe and its order, Nature itself.    
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stresses moral, responsible behavior,  caring for others, without making it dependent 
on an anthropomorphic deity.   
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American Humanist Association. ( )  A leading voice in the 
stuggle for freedom of religion and  conscience in America.   
International Humanist and Ethical Union. (  International 
organization supporting the ideal of ethical,  responsible behavior based on rational 
Freethought Ring  A Webring with 521 sites for Freethinkers, those who wish 
to think  for themselves, not accept authority as infallible.   
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THE EXISTENCE OF GOD (from a Unitarian sermon) Ultimately nothing can prove or disprove 
the existence of God.  Believing in God remains what it has always been: an act of  
faith. Whatever God is, whatever is the source of morality  and existential being is 
beyond the logical mind, it remains  uncircumscribable. But that’s okay - there’s 
plenty to occupy  us in the here and now. So we might have lost track but the  
train arrives at the station somehow regardless. Don’t worry  so much about whether 
there is a God or not. Whatever God  is - if at all - it is beyond our comprehension. 
Do what is  right, do what is just and do what is loving and you’ll be  blest. If it 
can help you become more loving and just then,  by all means believe in God. If it 
hinders you in becoming  loving, then just drop it. Whether there is or isn’t a God  
doesn’t matter an iota compared to how well you live your  life and the goodness you 
can share. So be it.